When you are looking for an establishment to make a purchase or perform a service. Where do your research? Let me guess: did you think of Google? If so, that’s why use Google My Business. Through this tool, you increase your chances of being seen and even visited, in a simple and quick way in the biggest search engine in the world. Why is Google My Business important? What is it? Google My Business is a free Google tool that allows you to manage how your business will appear in search engine searches and will be located on Google Maps. The only requirement for use is that you have a physical address to receive your customers, that is, your business cannot be 100% online.

Through it, you can inform your customers about

Search results can occur in three different ways, according to how the user searches. When you search by business name In this case. Your business Aircraft Engine Parts Email List on the right side of the screen, with all the complete information of the place, photos and reviews. When you search for a business without specifying the location In this type of search, the results presented take into account your current location, that is, delivery will be made based on companies that are close to where you are. When you specify the location This is the type of search that you are looking for an establishment in a certain place, such as: a hamburger restaurant in the center of RJ.

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In this way, Google will only display the results present

Note that in the last two types of search, the results appear below the search field and before the organic links. Already in the first option, they appear in GMX Email List the right corner. Unfortunately, many companies do not pay due attention to the use of Google My Business and end up not using all the tool’s resources or even leaving it without basic information. If you don’t want to get into that statistic and want to make the most of Google My Business, keep reading this post. Tool benefits You can already see that Google My Business can be fundamental for promoting your company in an organic way. Therefore, we separate a list of some of the main benefits of using this tool.


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