Super Real is born the company that connects brands

If anyone knows about it, it is SuperReal , the company that has just landed in Spain with the help of Fernando Lázaro , former executive of NTT Disruption and also founder of pioneering digital companies in our country such as BTOB , The Hub Of Brands or Growthland , and which promises revolutionize brands and the market with its new value proposition. It is a metaverse and Web3 consultancy that combines the best of creativity and technology to design, execute and accelerate its clients’ path to the metaverse and Web3.

Specialized consulting delivery and operations services

Proof of this are the campaigns top industry data it has done on Web3 and metaverse with renowned brands such as MediaMarkt , Iberdrola , Red Bull and NTT DATA . With them they have carried out virtual events, In-game experiences, innovation workshops and virtual productions, among other use cases. And their objective is clear, they want to go much further than what has been established so far: «We want to become one of the world’s leading disruptive companies in the metaverse, providing innovations to improve the way brands relate to their customers. in a virtual world,” says Julián Abad , co-founder and Chief Metaverse Officer of SuperReal .

Adapting to the metaverse and Web3

A real opportunity for brands to GMX Email List get closer to Meta Natives, a digital native generation that is not easy to impact and, to do so, adapting to the metaverse and Web3 is a mandatory task, since it is a very demanding generation that She feels more comfortable in the virtual environment than in real life. «Brands must understand that this is a new audience that has a new way of consuming content and entertainment, and even interacting with brands through more immersive and interactive spaces, with new forms of economy and payment, such as blockchain or NFTs, and new virtual identities or forms of expression such as their avatars,” details Abad , co-founder of SuperReal.

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