The internet has revolutionized the world market and the way of shopping. The ease and conditions offered by e-commerce have been drawing more and more attention from Brazilians. It is no wonder that a study recommended by Paypal Brasil points to a 12.5% ​​growth in Brazilian e-commerces in 2018, currently totaling 675 thousand online stores. Faced with such expressive numbers, it seems that there are no doubts about investing in an e-commerce, right? However, it is important to note that 80% of online stores end up closing before 18 months of life, that is, if you want to escape the bad statistics and learn the best tips for managing an e-commerce, this post is for you! 10 tips to increase sales in your e-commerce.

Invest in your website You know that phrase

Well, when it comes to e-commerce, it’s totally true. So, invest in the visual and functional parts of your website . When someone enters your site and finds it messy, difficult Fabricated Metal Manufacturers Email List to navigate, slow or ugly, you can bet that person is unlikely to come back. A good design team aims to offer an environment that is organized, aesthetically beautiful and with the precepts of usability, in order to fulfill the role of guiding the user to the correct areas. Another extremely important factor for today is making your store responsive, as websites that adapt to any type of screen have more than tripled their market share, jumping from 24.2% in 2017 to 76.36% in 2018.

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To make your e-commerce even more complete

They will help your page perform better in the organic results of search engines. It’s no secret that the Internet is dynamic and users don’t like to waste time. For these and many other reasons, your website needs to be functional and intuitive, so that customers can easily find everything they are looking for. 2. Offer simplicity of purchase There are two factors that cause great cart abandonment at checkout time: registration and payment methods. Turn these two elements into allies. As? For the registration, it is enough to request only the data that are really important to make the purchase, no need to keep inventing unnecessary data, as they can make this process long and make the user give up the purchase.

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