Have you ever wondered how well your brand is known on social media? Have you ever wanted to know the volume of subjects related to your business? If so, you need to learn more about Share of Voice (SOV), one of the most important marketing metrics in the area. The literal translation into Portuguese is “Slice of Voice”, that is, it corresponds to how much of the topics that are dealt with in your market involve your product, service or brand. This is in relation to the competitive environment in which your company operates.

Do you want to know more about how it works

How it is calculated and why this indicator is important for your marketing and branding strategies ? So, keep reading and see what we have prepared! How does Apparel, Clothing Manufacturers Email List the analysis and monitoring process work? In the past, Share of Voice was measured according to the relative amount of advertising space in an industry or category. However, nowadays, the reach of media and social networks has come into play because of their relevance among audiences of virtually all segments. Because of this, SOV measurement involves these virtual spaces, considering how much a product, brand or service is cited by users compared to other competitors.

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This means that this metric seeks to analyze

The company’s position in relation to general communication involving its sector in digital media. It is also worth noting that discovering your SOV is important for good media GMX Email List planning. In which the media that most aggregate audience should receive due prominence. After all, the more they contribute to your brand being featured on the web . The better! How does the calculation work and what care should be taken with it? The way to calculate the SOV may have slight modifications. Depending on your company’s segment and the media analyzed. On social media, for example, the most practical way is to track how many mentions your brand receives. Additionally. The original formula for this metric, which is below with slight modifications: Share of Voice = publicity for your brand ÷ total market publicity.

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