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Blogger3cero post (listen to it if you haven’t done before, it Product Industry will make you hard). Albert had teams with dozens and dozens of editors, well paid, well specialized in the topics they covered. Sitting at tables that they called “islands”, where they were grouped into teams. Thus, the “Animal Expert” island was created by a large group of Spanish editors sitting there, animal lovers, dog trainers and activists, working all day with total focus. The first time I saw them I knew how far I had been, in the darkness of my room, from having had something this beautiful.

World in Product Industry general and in the SEO

I couldn’t be better than him, because top industry data I didn’t have his resources. But that, thanks to technology, has changed. At least partially. The good thing about mega niches in 2023 AI or Artificial Intelligence has arrived to wreak havoc in the world in general and in the SEO sector in particular. Those who learn now to benefit from it and scale that benefit in the future will lead the content creation sector. Whatever branch they focus on (content agency, niches…). I could not replicate the quantity and quality of articles that Albert Ribera’s team from.

At the keyword research level

Made, but today I can aspire to achieve it, thanks to AI. And not just GMX Email List any one works for me, I have tried several and some are shit (I had a very bad experience testing the supposed “SEO optimized article generator” from, but a good AI, well trained and working in conjunction with Dino. RANK At the keyword research level… it seems lethal to me . Today you can generate the same mega niche that I built myself for months, in a matter of hours. In addition, mega niche websites are more stable . They take much longer to fall from Google rankings every time Google releases an update (which happens constantly).

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