The growth of companies in the market increasingly depends on the relationship they establish with their consumers. In a world where we have thousands of brand options to choose from, countless communication channels for disseminating and searching for information, it ends up becoming very challenging for a company to stand out in its midst. Given this, consumers play an even more important role in the purchase decision , which often becomes a very complex process due to the wide variety of options found.

How to make your target audience trust your brand

How do you get them to buy from you and recommend your product or service to their friends and acquaintances? This is where Advocate Marketing comes Wholesale Email List into play. Were you curious to know how to use Defender Marketing in favor of your brand and how to adopt it in your strategy? Keep reading this post until the end and find out everything! What does Advocate Marketing mean anyway? Advocate Marketing, also known as Advocate Marketing , is a strategy based on an old concept well known in traditional marketing, word of mouth marketing. Like word-of-mouth marketing, Advocate Marketing consists of recommending a product or service.

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The difference lies in the great possibility

That the internet offers, through the interactions that thousands of people make, whether on social networks , websites, blogs, forums, etc. Let’s GMX Email List exemplify! Imagine that you want to buy a cell phone and you are in doubt which model to buy. Knowing that there are thousands of options on the market, you can’t choose which one is best for you. So you decide to search the internet for mobile phone brands and end up on social networks. Where many people are commenting. After a lot of searching and reading a lot of recommendations. You manage to decide on which cell phone brand to buy. The recommendation of a product or service is made by customers who had a good experience with the purchase, and this is what companies must strive to make happen.

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