The new areas of activity and functions that emerg. Were perfect or branch out with the development of digital tools and this is no longer news for anyone! Technology has changed not only the pace of the market, but also the processes and stages covered by professionals in their activities. This scenario is, even today, in continuous evolution. Therefore, keeping up with innovations can cause the feeling of being drowning in information. We have daily and frequent contact with numerous devices, channels and digital resources.

But, above all, we are exposed to the creations of

Professionals specialized in considering our wishes and needs in order to promote their products and services. But if we asked you to list the professionals involved in producing a Facebook Textile Mill Manufacturers Email List ad, for example, how would you do? You would probably point out the designer, the copywriter and the media manager, but would you remember the Facebook Ads Analyst or the Online Community Manager, for example? What if you needed to point out the fundamental skills to work in the area? Creativity and solid knowledge of digital tools.

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The consumer used to receive a purchase stimulus

From an advertisement and go straight to the first moment of truth (or “shelf”, when had contact with the product in the store) and then to the second moment GMX Email List of truth (post-purchase experience); all stages still exist today, the difference is that between the stimulus and the first moment, there is Moment Zero , when consumers search the Internet for all the information that will support their purchase decision. If the consumer’s choice happens online, that’s where the sales and persuasion efforts must be. So, digital marketing emerges to accompany this movement, generating strategies capable of understanding what consumers are looking for on the Internet, what influences them and how they rationalize their choices.

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