Do you know the average sales ticket for your business? The average ticket is the average value of sales for a given period. It works as an indicator of how much your consumers are spending per purchase. If you’re wondering what that means and why you should look at your company’s average sales value, then follow this post! Because in addition to learning how to calculate it, you will also understand how to analyze it in the best way. What is the average ticket and how to calculate it? To begin with, let’s understand exactly what the average ticket is.

This term is used to refer to the average value of sales for a period

Thus, it works as a performance indicator, as it shows how much the commercial team manages to close more advantageous deals for the company. If you Telecommunications Email List thought that this average is difficult to find, then you are wrong. It’s quite simple. First, you will choose the period of time you want to measure, it can be weekly, monthly, fortnightly, as you prefer. Then, identify the number of sales made in that period and their total billing. Now that you have the numbers, apply them to the formula below: Average Ticket = Revenue for the period / Number of sales for the period. Pretty simple, right? Shall we apply it in practice to make it easier? Suppose that in a period of one week, your company has made 10 sales, with a total value of 10,000 reais.

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the average ticket for the period mentioned above

How to analyze the average ticket? Now that you know how to find this value, it’s time to know how to analyze it. Let’s assume that your company has 3 price ranges that are . Tier 1 – BRL 500 Range 2 – BRL 1,000 Range 3 – BRL 1,500 Knowing that the company’s average ticket in the amount calculated in the example above was R$1,000. You can already understand that your sales team managed to keep most of your sales in the larger sales ranges. This can even lead you to a study to understand the for track 1 and whether it . Furthermore, there are a variety of insights you can draw from this indicator. We’ve put together a list below for you to get inspired.

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