The Art of Persuasion How Emails Secure Valuable Backlinks

I have an audio where The Art I tell you in 7 minutes and 45 seconds how to increase your sales using the most common searches of your potential audience, even if you are completely useless in terms of positioning. If you are interested, download here . ” If you notice, I’m not telling you that it’s going to position the website, that doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t matter exactly to me. For me, as if I am the last on Google, what I want is to sell. People don’t care about positioning, that’s industry jargon, what people are interested in is knowing what happens if I learn what you tell me in the audio. The work of an SEO is very important, but we must be clear that those of us who are not.

If you notice, I'm not The Art telling you that it's going to position

SEOs do not care about the technical category email list part or the jargon of the sector. All I want is to know what happens if I hire you . Fortunately it’s nothing personal, no one cares what I do as a copywriter either, people don’t expect me to tell them that I’m going to make them fall in love with my words and other clichés, people want to see it, feel it. To sell SEO or anything else it is the same. Okay, so you have the entire website focused on achieving email. I insist on that, capturing the email is much more important than going to the services page.

SEO or anything else it is the same

We send them to the services GMX Email List page later, from the moment they register, from the first email. But don’t sell here. A good autoresponder will take care of getting those sales or those clients, in a later phase. Step two. The sales page for your potential child client Well, you must have this step ready beforehand. You must have a good sales page where you will send them in each email. A page where you offer your contacts. In this article I can’t teach you how to write sales pages but I will give you an unsolicited opinion, write as if your reader is 12 years old . Not 22 years old, not a university student, not a technology geek, none of that.

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