Cis one of the most efficient strategies when it comes to promoting a brand , product or service. But do you know how it can be applied to your company? If not, you’ve come to the right post! However, before presenting a list of its main actions and characteristics, it is important to make it clear that this strategy seeks to promote what the business sells dynamically. For this, it uses discounts, offers, promotions, among other actions.

In the virtual environment, promotional marketing

The positive points do not stop there, as it still has a reduced cost. Therefore, less money is needed in advertising to sell your products or services. Now that Machinery, Computer Equipment Manufacturers Email List you know that, the main point of this text has arrived: the list with the types and items used in digital promotional marketing. You won’t stop reading, okay? interactive banners Use interactive banners on websites, blogs, portals, etc. It is a creative way to publicize your company or your products, services, activities, among others. This is because they are capable of attracting more attention from Internet users, thanks to the images that move and the mechanisms that allow the user to interact.

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For example, when they invite the person to a

You can also request information, such as contact information, to reveal a prize to the customer. The important thing is to surprise whoever is going to GMX Email List interact with him, that is, his lead. Hotsites A hotsite is excellent for targeted actions.  That is, for a promotion, a product launch.  An event to be held by the company, etc. The big advantage is that you don’t need to adapt your entire site for this, just assemble a few pages, even with your own domain. This opens up the possibility to unleash creativity in the layout and do A/B tests in order to reap better results.

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