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Be discreet and courteous when in your capsule . The walls are generally thin and you are very close to your neighbors. Try to be as quiet as possible to respect the other guests.
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Situated in Terminal 2 of Narita Airport , this capsule hotel is a haven for those whose flights have been delayed or are in transit. It has lockers, showers (toiletries provided) and a lounge. Hourly rental is available for those who just want a nap plus breakfast.

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Making it perfect for those traveling with a JR Pass . Each Whatsapp Mobile Number List micro-room has a bed, TV (with headphones) and a safe. There is a lounge and a large common bathroom where guests can relax.

Green Plaza Shinjuku / Le Luck Spa
Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel – Tokyo

If you’re looking for a luxury capsule hotel in Tokyo , this is it. It has saunas, an open-air bath, hot springs, massage rooms, a rest room, lounge, and restaurant. Facilities are divided by gender . The ‘Le Luck Spa’ is exclusively for women and has everything to pamper, pamper and care for them.

Centurion Cabin & Spa Akasaka
Centurion Cabin Spa Akasaka Capsule Hotel – Tokyo

Exclusively for women, the capsule hotel is just a 2-minute walk from Akasaka-mitsuke Station . Facilities include a sauna, massage chairs, free drinks and a bathroom with oriental interior design. The pods have large televisions, aroma diffusers, and humidifiers.

Best capsule hotels in Osaka
Osaka Hokko Marina Resort Guesthouse
Osaka Hokko Marina Resort Guesthouse – Osaka

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Children for free until they are 9 years old . Located in the GMX Email marina, it is the ideal place for those who want to participate in sailing competitions or other maritime activities . There are also tennis courts and private parks.

Capsule Inn Osaka
Capsule Inn Osaka Capsule Hotel – Osaka

The world’s first capsule hotel is still open today. The rooms are only available for men over 19 years of age . It is conveniently located just 350 meters.

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