Collaborative Advertising Is How You Run Direct

We Shopee sellers know Daily Discover better as Product Boost. This is a free feature on the Shopee platform that allows sellers to push up to four products for the Daily Discover Campaign. This product boost lasts for approximately four hours. After the duration has elapsed, you can return to the product upgrade page and upgrade again. You can choose the same product as often as you like.
Shopee sales funnel

Daily Discover appears on the homepage which is perfect because it is the part of the site that gets the most traffic.

Top Picks
Top Picks is a seller feature that allows you to select four to eight items that you want to promote for cross-selling. This means that when a customer clicks on one of your PDPs, they will see this selected product under Top Picks.

This feature is free and is best used for

newly released products that whatsapp mobile number list you want to introduce to your audience or if there are items that you want to hype up through a campaign.

Shopee Keyword Ads
This is an in-program advertising campaign service hosted by Shopee. This ad will place your product at the top of the product SERP so that you are visible to relevant buyers. Basically you can bid for keywords that speak about the product you are selling. And whenever people search for these specific keywords, your product will appear at the top of the SERP.

That way, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your PDP even before your organic SEO efforts start paying off.

Social Media Branding

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Social media branding deals with paid and organic posting about your brand across various social media channels as a way to drive awareness to your Shopee store.

Some examples of social media branding are Facebook page groups, pages, and Facebook ads that are meant to connect prospects to your PDP.

Google Ads
There is a new mechanism whereby Google and Shopee collaborate to make the campaign experience more efficient for sellers. By working together with Google user intent and Shopee buyer data, you will be able to run campaigns that are increasingly expanding to a wider reach with increased conversion rates.

If you want a full picture of this then go and see our post on Driving Online Sales With Google Ads With Shopee .

Collaborative Ads sales campaigns intended GMX Email to allow you to find new shoppers to your Shopee store from popular social media channels like Facebook.

With it, you will actively seek customers outside of the Shopee network instead of only targeting people who come to Shopee to buy online.

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