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This is because classic mega-niches typically do Product Mastery not attack keywords that are “on the edge of what Google considers legal”, that is, keywords with an incredibly high Adsense RPM (as was the case with this website) or very transactional keywords. , susceptible to being spammed and that Google monitors more. But… Who is going to worry about the keyword “meaning of dreaming about fish”? Google certainly not. Another thing is that many of these keywords are answered by Google from the SERPS themselves, but this: It doesn’t always happen And when it happens, it doesn’t always reduce as much traffic as one might think.

Highlight that we are in a Product Mastery moment where niche SEO

Not to mention the thousands or hundreds of thousands of “more inbound” keywords of purely industry email list content, where Google cannot respond to the search intent with a simple text in the SERPS, because they are keywords where the user wants to read. For example, for: “Labrador dog”, or “Eminem biography”. And finally, I would highlight that we are in a moment where niche SEOs are still obsessed with call to click websites and I don’t blame them! They are the ones that will give you the greatest return (if you know how to do them well). But precisely that is an advantage for those of us who want to continue setting up mega niches.

Largest animal website in the world

Less SEO competition. The ones that exist GMX Email List are from very old and established websites, with a very 2015 SEO and that are there because they stand the test of time. Good. I am going to gradually work on a new mega niche that I present here today, on Blogger3cero. The animal . Which one day I will turn (again) into the largest animal website in the world. Stay tuned Hello reader! How are you reading? One more week, a new success story. This one is brutal and has a lot of SEO in it, so stick around. I have already lost count of the number of success stories that have passed through this blog. You’re going to like today’s.

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