Remote modality of evaluation referral

And prioritization of patient care. Through it, it is possible to increase the level of organization in health units, directing care based on those that are a priority, that need referral or that can be resolved in a non-urgent manner. The area gained special relevance during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing health care to be provided to the population without taking on unnecessary risks of contamination in clinics and hospitals during the crisis. However, its use is much broader and is gaining more and more space in current medical routines, with a tendency to become indispensable for health services.

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What is. How it is used and what its role will be in the future of medicine. I have prepared this article with complete information on the subject! What is ? can be define as a remote symptom assessment process. In this way, it serves to direct Benin Mobile Number List the patient to the. Specialty or type of assistance that is most appropriate for their correct treatment. It is worth noting that is not a diagnosis , but a phase prior to it , which only aims to define the most appropriate health care for the evaluated individual. For the units that use this modality, it is necessary to have the entire system available for the regulation and referral of checked patients.

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In Brazil the first regulation on the use of Telemedicine emerged in. With  Resolution No. However, the norm was very strict, not providing parameters for and. Restricting the practice only to emergency Gmxemail List cases and support among specialists. In order to Brazilian Telemedicine with the advances that were already benefiting patients around  world. In  Resolution No. was create . In addition to releasing the possibilities of  and telesurgery. However, the new norm also brought forecasts for . According to the text, medical ” is the act carrie out by a doctor with remote assessment of symptoms. To define and direct the patient to the appropriate type of assistance he needs or to a specialist.

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