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Creating a diagnostics center , this article is for you. Whether a business focused only on diagnosis or within a hospital or clinic, having a place for different exams is a good idea. Because, according to data published on the Business portal, diagnostic medicine units generate revenue of more than R$ 35 billion in Brazil. So why not take advantage of this promising opportunity to increase revenue? Continue reading to learn about the paths, types of exams that can be offered and a step-by-step guide to setting up a successful diagnostic center. Also check out solutions to digitize your services in a simple way, through telemedicine .

What is a diagnostic center

Diagnostic center is a health unit dedicated to carrying out different exams . Basically, it is a place that does not hold consultations with doctors or other health professionals, focusing activities on diagnostic methods. Among the main Bahamas Mobile Number List routines of this center, it is worth mentioning: Scheduling and confirming exams Guidance and carrying out the necessary preparation for the procedures Elaboration and delivery reports. What is a diagnostic center used for? The work of these health units is essential to qualify the diagnosis , confirming or ruling out a clinical suspicion.

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Imagine, for example, that a mother

Has noticed episodes in which her child completely “disconnects” from the outside world for a few minutes. When talking to the child’s family and teachers, she receives comments about an alleged lack of attention at certain times. But in Gmxemail List fact, the boy doesn’t even remember hearing what was said during class or dinner. She seeks help from a pediatrician , reporting the discomfort and its consequences for her son’s social and school life. During the history and physical examination , the physician suspects neurological abnormalities. As the rest of the systems appear to be in order. He orders an electroencephalogram . Delivering the doctor’s order for the EEG and scheduling a follow-up appointment as soon as the result is ready.

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