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The area combines several services. Among them, reports of remote exams and telemonitoring of chronically ill patients . All this from the communication carried out within an intuitive and secure system : the telemedicine platform . In the following lines, I present what it is, how it works and what are the advantages of 24-hour telemedicine provided by robust and reliable systems such as the Morsch software . What is 24-hour telemedicine? Telemedicine 24 hours is the uninterrupted offer of medical services over the Internet . As I mentioned above, it becomes possible through the use of telemedicine software, which is a virtual environment where communication between patients, doctors and other health professionals takes place.

Once logged in, they can chat

Via teleconference or videoconference , get assistance, expert recommendations, send and receive documents in real time. Complete systems also allow for the creation and updating of medical records , sending reminders, crossing data to Dubai Phone Number List qualify the diagnosis and much more. With 24-hour telemedicine, your team can request different services in a few clicks , with all the comfort and agility. How does 24-hour telemedicine work? Generally, the telemedicine platform is hosted in the cloud , a place protected from the internet. Only people with login and password can enter the system. Remembering that it has security mechanisms such as encryption .

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Within the platform, the client has features

Such as: Teleconsultation: is the synchronous consultation between doctor and patient who are in different locations, carried out in an exclusive virtual room, with audio and video resources Teleconsulting: act of consultation that may involve physicians, health professionals or administration, generally to resolve Gmxemail List administrative issues : is the consultation carried out between doctors, which aims to offer diagnostic or therapeutic, clinical or surgical support : part of graphs, images and data sent over the internet, which are interpreted and reported digitally by a specialist from the telemedicine company : uses direct image acquisition tools (such as the camera in teleconsultation), signals and data from equipment or aggregated or implantable devices to enable remote monitoring of patients .

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