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Article index 1 Introduction 2 The Product Trends customer call 3 Step 1 – On-page SEO audit of the project 4 Step 2 – Keyword Analysis 5 Step 3 – Web Architecture 6 Step 4 – Improvement of categories 7 Step 5 – Structured data 8 Step 6 – Informational content 9 Step 7 – Results But first let me tell you that tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. I will do a live show with two heavyweights in SEO consulting: Juan de Useo and Edu Coromina . We are going to talk about how to manage clients professionally, recruiting and reporting .

Achieved thanks Product Trends to SEO

If you are or are interested in being an SEO category email list consultant, you can’t miss it. You can register here and we will send you the URL of the live stream. And continuing with today’s post, can you imagine taking on a client and multiplying their turnover by 10? Well, that is what “Mr. Robles” has achieved thanks to SEO and he is here to tell you how he did it. In case you don’t know him, a few days ago I published a post here in which he told his story of how he became an SEO Consultant .

Especially excited to write this article

I hope that today’s post inspires you and that you. Learn from GMX Email List other professionals who have been doing. Their job very well for a long time. All yours, Robles! Introduction Hello reader. Jose Antonio Robles here again. I am especially excited to write this article because it is the type of content. That I would have liked to read when. I started in the world of SEO. In it I am going to tell you step by step all the SEO actions. Carried out in a project where I managed to multiply its turnover by 10 .

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