The year was 1987 and television was at the center of attention for content and entertainment production. Advertising, of course, followed the customs of the time. Following the example of what was already successful in the United States, a pioneering initiative was launched in Brazil: a telesales channel fully specialized in presenting advertisements for various products and services, from cars and clothing to kitchen furniture, tools and household utensils. , between others. The initiative soon spread through different channels, through specific trade networks that were able to reach groups of people and boost their sales through product demonstrations.

Channels that dedicated 24 hours of their programming

to sales were launched with great success. Technological developments, however, quickly made this sales model obsolete. The availability of the internet and  the Railroad Transportation Email List development of electronic sites for large stores, in addition to the wide availability of information, meant that sales channels were becoming less and less relevant and e-commerce supplanted the old sales model. However, old ideas can be recycled, given a new look and adapted to the current reality of commerce. It was precisely in this way that Live Commerce was born , an innovative way of selling online , combining live videos and e-commerce to present products and services, engage customers and bring the brand closer to the public.

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We are not talking about resuming a sales model

but about updating and adapting it. Live streaming in e-commerce has important similarities with traditional live television broadcasts, where GMX Email GMX Email List List presenters show products. However, the main characteristic of the new generations is to the initial concept . The capacity for interaction . Which is much greater and continuous in Live Commerce and, especially. During the purchase process  . Which can be completed in a single channel. Do you want to know more about this new sales model and its importance for the Brazilian market? Be sure to read the post we prepared! What is Live Commerce? Live Commerce is a type of sales strategy and promotion of products and services carried out in the online environment in a format that integrates live transmissions (the so-called lives) linked to the sales objectives in a traditional e-commerce.


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