Upon arriving at work, we have the habit of checking everything we need to do throughout the day. We analyze the tasks that. Those that are pending and the level of urgency for each one. In all this routine, there are several ways to organize yourself so you don’t get lost. Whoever has never made use of the famous post-its to organize their tasks. Let the first stone be thrown. But did you know that behind these simple acts there is a science. That has been in force for over 50 years? Continue reading our post and come to understand.¬† How Kanban can help your company achieve better results.

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It is a workflow that proposes the use of cards on a board, so that the team, as a whole, has control of the progress of tasks in a practical and optimized  Shipbuilding Boatbuilding Email List way. To understand how Kanban works, you need to know its three parts: Cards: are the tasks that need to be done. They can have different colors to indicate who is responsible for the actions or the priority level of the task, depending on what the team agrees on. Columns: they represent the status of the cards. In them you will know if the task is being carried out or if it has already been completed. Framework: is the combination of the two elements above. Each board is a Kanban and the same team can manage several boards simultaneously.

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What are the benefits brought by Kanban

To stay inside, check out: task management Through Kanban it is possible to have a broad view of the work and understand the progress of each task. Our brain’s ability GMX Email List to process visual information is much greater than that of absorbing textual information. Some studies show that 90% of the information our brain absorbs comes from visual content. That is, these data point to the importance of using this tool in our daily lives. Why check a multitude of emails, spreadsheets and lists when a board can gather all the information in a single space? When you use Kanban, it becomes easier to organize and control the flow and identify bottlenecks and queues much faster.

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