Improved event measurement in GA4

Google Analytics 4 considers all measurements as events . With GA4’s improved measurement feature. It is possible to measure interactions. With improved event your content by enabling options without needing to implement code changes. Once the options have been enabled. The Google Analytics tab immediately starts sending events with parameters collected specific to each event. The Events report includes improved data within the Engagement topic.

BigQuery and GA4 integration Improved event

Is it necessary to work with data sets? It is possible to export all your raw events from GA4 to Big Query. Which allows executive email list you to run queries on large datasets. With it is possible to manage and analyze data. Through integrated functions such as business intelligence. Machine learning and geospatial analysis. From there it is possible to visualize the data with Looker Studio , Tableau, or Microsoft’s Power BI to obtain a visual perspective.

Improved event Predictive audiences in GA4

Predictive audiences are a new GA4 feature that allows. You to predict user purchasing Gmx Email List behavior over a period of seven to twenty-eight days. Using e-commerce or app usage data (conversions, visitors) and artificial intelligence . It’s a great customization tool! How to use the predictive audiences feature? Your advertising products improve as predictive. 

Audience information is automatically shared with advertising accounts tied to the property.

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