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We must talk about professional profiles, not generations, because the market does not demand the skills of millennials in general, only some in particular. Just like Being a it does with the rest of the generations. Millennial professionals are not the most sought after , the most sought after are the “good” professionals, those who have the skills that allow them to obtain the best conditions, regardless of their generation.

The rest of the professionals

The least valued, cannot demand or achieve these conditions, even though they also value them. Tweet about millennials from the HR consultancy The aforementioned executive data millennial survey targeted professionals with a college degree employed full-time in large private sector companies. The opinions of many millennials who do not have this profile are not reflected in the study.

If we look Being a at Spain

 21% of millennials (25-34 years old) are unemployed , more than a million professionals. This means that the unemployment rate of this “generation” is higher than the general rate (18.63%), according to data from the  Active Population Survey (EPA) for Q4 2016.

The market values ​​and demands the technological-digital talent of a small segment of qualified young people. But this data does not justify. The overuse of the millennial GMX Email List label as a general guarantee of professionalism. In fact, there is a great diversity of professional profiles beyond age. Taking into account variables such as lifestyles and work, skills, types of careers. Motivations and income according to professions, sectors, types of company and geographical areas.

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