Content Distribution How to Do It Right

If you’ve spent time creating content, it makes sense to get as many valuable eyeballs on it as possible. That’s why you need a  strategy. If we didn’t have one and just published and prayed, you probably wouldn’t be reading this now. Nobody would. Sounds like a familiar problem? Keep reading to learn how to create a winning content distribution strategy in 10 minutes. But first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page…If your content is truly amazing, people will find it, share it, and it’ll be going viral in no time, right? Sorry, but… no.

People aren’t just

Sitting around refreshing your blog homepage waiting for you to publish something new. They’re hanging out on TikTok, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn—y’know, the executive email list places with algorithms designed to surface content they actually care about. If you want potential customers to actually find and consume your content, you need to distribute it in those places. Don’t wait for people to come to you. Go to them. Types of content distribution channels People consume content in so many places that marketers have done their usual trick of grouping them into buckets. Let’s discuss the three main ones. Owned channels Owned channels are those you own and fully control.

You can publish or

Distribute content here whenever you like. You don’t have to pay or ask permission (unless only your boss has the logins!).Given that content usually GMX Email List gets published on owned channels first, blog posts and videos tend to be the most common content formats. This is because most popular owned channels—blogs, YouTube, TikTok, etc.—are made for this kind of content. But it’s worth remembering you can create and distribute content in other formats too: Let’s say you’ve chosen a type of content, created something, and published it somewhere. How do you distribute that content to as many people as possible? There are essentially two content distribution strategies you can use.

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