Hybrid Medical Tourism Experience is the Future Post-COVID

COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be fatal for the medical tourism industry. With restrictions imposed on international travel, lockdown situations in the countries, categorizing elective surgeries as non-essential treatments and most importantly fear in people’s minds has taken a toll in the Hybrid Medical medical travel sector. However, what matters now is how to evolve. The solution lies in post-COVID medical innovations and technology is the key influencer in transforming medical practice.

Innovation Driven by Technology

The current process to acquire international patients is complex and outdated. Healthcare providers must analyze what is going to work and what is not in the post-COVID era. This is where Placid Way can help by unleashing the power of digital medical practice. As the new patient engagement executive email list will be driven by technology. Placid Way’s innovative digital solutions will expand throughout the entire cycle of Education and Marketing. Patient Acquisition, Patient Treatment and Aftercare.

The Problems Hybrid Medical

The current patient journey in medical travel is complex and not relevant. It requires a patient to research for solutions on the provider’s website. Enter personal information GMX Email List and generate a request. The provider assesses the request, send quotes and treatment options. This process is not completely relevant and time-consuming.¬†

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