Neither millennials have talent because they are, nor do old people 

A company is more efficient the more its professionals collaborate. Beyond age, my proposal to increase teamwork motivation is based on proposing Neither millennials shared challenges that require collaboration between professionals and between organizational teams. It is impressive what can be achieved if it does not matter who takes the credit. 

productivity problems :

It had only solved three problems in nine months despite having the best North American engineers. “The real problem was that no one had told those guys anything at all. What it was about company data and the work progressed very slowly. I asked for special permission so I could explain to them what we were doing and they were excited:

We are fighting Neither millennials

They now knew the meaning of numbers and began to invent methods to achieve better results and increase productivity. In this way we solved 9 problems in three months GMX Email List which meant working almost 10 times faster.

Finally, it is important to develop a 2.0 culture that promotes information sharing and transparency as necessary preliminary steps for collaboration. Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman worked on the Manhattan Project. That developed the atomic bomb between 1942 and 1945.  Because they already have a reasonable one and look for other motivators. Or values ​​such as flexible hours. The work environment or autonomy. I am quite sure that at my age close to 50 (I am a baby boomer, to my credit). As a professional. I value a good company climate as much or more than any millennial, no matter how much technological talent they have. For example, a recent study. Why people prefer unequal societies. Reveals something that.

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