How to process your content productively

How to process your content with productivity ? We tell you about it in this seventh article of the Evernote Guide , and it may be practical for you to review previous posts, for example, how to start a GTD productivity method . After sending and collecting a huge amount of material, how should we process it? There are a series of very simple techniques that will save you a lot of time. Kind of like throwing the ball with the right wrist game to give it spin. The only thing you need to process your content productively is nothing more than expertise and attention to detail.

How to Process your inbox

In Evernote 5, the shortcuts section has been company data incorporated. In it you can accumulate the 7 or 8 most commonly used tags. Make a multiple selection of notes and drag them over the tag. With this simple movement they are classified and ready to be sent to the desired notebook. Therefore, If you have to use another secondary tag, repeat the process or enter it manually. The bulk of the work has already been done. One of the problems with the previous advice is the oversaturation of the shortcuts section. You can always keep a small number of tags, ideal for those who implement GTD in Evernote : contexts, energy levels and a small number of timestamps.

Manage your tags

Therefore, The dynamic creation of notes and GMX Email List their subsequent classification with tags to make the information more readable can lead to an over dimension of this resource. In the new Tags section of Evernote 5 we have an administration environment for its maintenance. In this panel all the tags appear in alphabetical order. Therefore, If we wish, we can create tag hierarchies , nesting tags with a multitude of levels. The visual environment allows simpler and more intuitive handling of the classifiers, accessing the notes with a double click. With the proper structuring we can reach the desired note with 2 or 3 clicks.

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