Movies are excellent resources to increase the audience of a TV channel. However, it is often difficult to find the right audience and awaken their curiosity about the production. Thinking about it, we brought you a post with tips and 3 creative ways for you to promote movies! Follow! The importance of creative actions in film promotion TV channels are in constant competition for viewers’ attention. Even offering interesting content, many of them end up with low IBOPE compared to their competitors. In this scenario, the importance of investing in creative actions to promote films comes into play.

Reaching and, above all, impacting the viewer is

Essential to increase the audience and loyalty of your TV channel. 3 creative ways to promote movies Selecting the best strategies for film promotion has a direct impact on the success Medical Surgical Dental Equipments Email List of the film industry. See below how to use creativity in this work: 1. Make differentiated teasers The English term “tease” means “tease” and that’s exactly what your video should do: attract the consumer with positive points, creating expectations for something interesting for viewers and also generate word of mouth for your film. To create a teaser, you can choose to use different formats — such as the 360° that visually catches the viewer’s attention — or take advantage of specific dates and news to make headlines related to your video.

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Today, for our attention to be awakened

Some content, it needs to impact us during the first few seconds, passing on an instigating image about the final product. See, for example, Perdigão, which launched a Christmas GMX Email List teaser with images of Chester and the phrase “with or without raisins”. Or the Netflix teaser, released with the aim of promoting the premiere of the second season of “La Casa de Papel”, making a pun on the phrase “I chose to wait”, comparing “loyal” viewers to the streaming service with whom resorted to piracy. The teaser is a very important step because it gives you the opportunity to hook into the main content. The benefits that this strategy brings are very satisfying, especially when well executed.

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