What future awaits influencers on Tiktok The keys to understanding the ins

This Tuesday, October 25, Primetag held an event on the reality of influencers with the help of TikTok and with the participation of other brands such as Mondelez . Under the title #InfluencerEconomy Madrid 22 , several high-profile speakers have explained the challenges of content creators in the advertising sector and have talked about the usefulness of data in this industry. To open your mouth, the moderator María Zabay has launched a forceful statement: “What is really going to mark the future of influence marketing is the return .” Given this scenario, she explained that two questions arise: the first is whether we are measuring the return and, the second, whether we are measuring it well.

The figure of the creator has become professional

Although the main topic of the event is category email list influencer marketing, TikTok does not use the term “influencers” but rather content creators . This is how Ana Gómez explained it: «I believe that there has been a natural evolution of the figure of what until now could have been the claim of a blogger or instagramer or influencer from other platforms. Because within that transition we have observed how the way of creating content has become more sophisticated and the figure of that creator has become more professional.” “We value the content , not so much the creator’s claim itself,” he says, referring to the fact that the platform does not prioritize the followers of the Tiktokers so much as how the creator himself knows how to “understand what the brand needs” to put into action. value its attributes.

Two key concepts in the success of influencers on TikTok

Silvia González, Mondelez Consumer GMX Email List Experience Lead Spain and Portugal, regrets that it is becoming “increasingly more difficult and more expensive” to work hand in hand with influencers. “We have to change how we work on briefings and find other marketing opportunities,” she adds. José Félix Arranz from Storylab by dentsu, emphasizes the importance of measuring return and points out that today’s content creators are “multiplatform.” For his part, Manuel Albuquerque, CEO and cofounder of Primetag, emphasizes the need to have data (he insists that “you have to know how to interpret it”) and adds that Tiktok analyzes 70 million publications daily in Spain.

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