Professional motivation is not exclusive to millennials

On the other hand, 3 out of 4 millennials prefer to work from home or other locations where they believe they would be more productive and Professional motivation satisfied. Does this data mean that only millennials are motivated to find better jobs and enjoy more flexible working conditions? Most likely, if we ask professionals from other generations the data will reflect similar interests, what happens is that older people are not asked as much, right?

Some millennials Professional motivation

Like some old people, do not give as much importance to salary. Because they already have a reasonable one and look for other motivators. Or values ​​such as flexible hours. The work executive email list environment or autonomy. I am quite sure that at my age close to 50 (I am a baby boomer, to my credit). As a professional. I value a good company climate as much or more than any millennial, no matter how much technological talent they have. For example, a recent study. Why people prefer unequal societies. Reveals something that.

We already sense:

Injustice has a very negative effect on the work environment. To the point that professionals prefer fair inequality rather than unfair equality. It is a transcultural and GMX Email List transgenerational fact that people favor just organizations, relationships, and principles over merely egalitarian ones. Professional motivations and interests do not depend on age but on the profile, lifestyle and professional moment, the sector, the career and the skills of each person.

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