Studying the purchasing decisions of the target audience has already become a jargon in the marketing world, but that doesn’t make it any less important. So, as much as you might find it cliché, yes, it’s vital to know what influences consumer behavior. And for what? To have valuable information. Let’s say that a certain part of town has a large number of single people who come home early Monday through Friday. Their average income is R$7,000. Only here do we have geographic, lifestyle and purchasing power data.

Thinking about this scenario

wouldn’t it be interesting to open a restaurant there? Or, better yet, one that works only during the night and stays open a little later? Thanks to those three pieces of Printing, Publishing Manufacturers Email List information, it becomes possible to imagine a business opportunity. Investing in ads without understanding the key elements that interfere with people’s daily lives can be a waste of money. Therefore, your mission should be to truly understand your target audience’s buying habits, because without that, your sales will hardly improve. Want to know what are the factors that interfere with customer decisions? Don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon.

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First, take a look at how trade in Brazil is going

Factors that influence purchasing decisions Electronic and physical market in Brazil Understanding consumer habits and behavior is so important that there are several market GMX Email List surveys just for this, collecting and presenting very relevant numbers. A good example is the 37th edition of Webshoppers 2018 , held by Ebit, in partnership with Elo. According to the study, in 2017, e-commerce revenue was R$ 47.7 billion and more than 55 million consumers made at least one purchase through this means. This was an increase of 7.5% compared to 2016, when the sector reached BRL 44.4 billion. For 2018, the expectation is to reach BRL 53.5 billion — an increase of 12% —, reaching more than 60 million virtual buyers.

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