How to build a strong and global brand 3 lessons from Dietrich Mateschitz

How to build the advertising world is in mourning this week after saying goodbye to Dietrich Mateschitz , founder and owner of Red Bull, who died this Monday at the age of 78. It is almost impossible to talk about the energy drink brand and not talk about Dietrich Mateschitz (or vice versa). Although the company that made him rich was not even his invention , this marketing icon knew how to take his company to the top. When he was marketing director of the toothpaste manufacturer Blendax (then a subsidiary of Unilever ), the man who would become the founder of Red Bull discovered the magical energy drink on a trip to Asia in 1982.

Focus on the category not just the brand

More and more companies are industry email list recognizing the power of the brand. This is also reflected in the number of trademark registration applications. Tens of thousands of brands are registered every day, which is why differentiation must be sought. According to Brandtner, “people are not interested in brands as such, but above all in interesting new categories.” When Red Bull really took off in the mid-1990s, there were over 175 energy drink brands in Austria alone that wanted a piece of the pie. But Dietrich Mateschitz devised a message that penetrated society in a lightning-fast way.

Give a global approach not a local one

Dietrich Mateschitz always knew that GMX Email List he wanted to build a global brand. Many entrepreneurs block this goal at the beginning because they want to fully exploit the brand’s national potential. Many entrepreneurs and managers  would probably have first considered the “national potential” of the brand before even thinking about internationalization. But, according to the marketing expert, this national brand thinking “has two very serious disadvantages .”

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