Telemedicine in nursing currently plays

An important role in health care. Thanks to technology, their practices allow a quick connection between professionals, patients and doctors. In this way, it expands the possibilities of nursing care and takes health to places far from urban centers. Through a telemedicine platform, small municipalities and even remote areas now have the support of telenursing to qualify the service. Not to mention the advantages for bedridden patients, who are monitored without leaving home . In this article, I talk about the main activities of nursing using telemedicine systems and how to take advantage of these innovations in everyday life . Keep following until the end to check out all the tips and information.

How does telemedicine work in nursing

Telemedicine in nursing works through intuitive and safe software , which offers features such as video, audio and digital medical records. In this context, the system connects nursing professionals to patients or other healthcare colleagues. All with Malaysia Phone Number List the aim of optimizing various routines. According to COFEN Resolution 696/2022 , which provides for the role of Nursing in Digital Health : “ Digital Health comprises the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) resources to produce and make available reliable information about the state of health for those who need it, when they need it.

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The practice of Telenursing encompasses

Nursing Consultation, Consultancy, Monitoring, Health Education and Acceptance of Spontaneous Demand mediated by Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Nursing practice mediated by ICT should dispense with active Gmxemail List registration with the Regional Nursing Council”. Nurses, technicians and nursing assistants can use information and communication technologies to offer services such as: Teleconsultation: direct online patient care : performing exams and sending the records to specialist doctors, who will interpret them : pre-assessment and referral of the patient to appropriate care : remote monitoring of chronically ill patients, other types of care, for guidance on nursing procedures.

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