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For his part, José Jorge Mauricci, a specialist from the same faculty, highlight the importance of the development of Expoinnova each semester because it encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of our students and offers them the opportunity to complete a short-term business.Articles by our professor publish in index journals address multidisciplinary topics such as the role of women in society and the Latin American economy. index journals Our professor at the Luis Augusto Durand Business School receiv Scopus acceptance to reference three scientific articles, prepar together with a group of researchers, that talk about ucation in the 21st century, multiculturalism, economic models and feminism in America Latina.

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These papers were disseminat through journals index in the Scopus database. The b2b email list pride of sharing knowlge Durand express his pride in the recognition. “This achievement complements my work as a teacher. We must not only train ourselves in the subjects we teach, but also transmit what we know,” he express. The texts address multidisciplinary topics that are very current today, such as the role of women in society and the Latin American economy. “With the team we seek to democratize everyone’s interest because they represent issues of a social nature,” said our teacher.

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Research to discover opportunities He add that he will continue his work as a researcher working on articles about the limitations of the neoliberal model in the Peruvian ucational system and the inclusion of people with different abilities in ucation. “I invite more colleagues to continue contributing to the country GMX Email List because there are opportunities, but you know them better when you start investigating,” she conclud.Contributing to the development of the country has concern Brenda Ramírez since her school years, and looking for how to do it she discover our Economics and International Business degree .

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