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 It is a great learning for everyone and we must value the time we share with our lov ones and everything we call happiness.If marketing is a set of strategies, techniques and procures design to provide sustainability to organizations, the proper management of its teams is a key aspect. We present six recommendations to achieve this goal. marketing It is consider that teamwork can generate great benefits because “two heads are better than one.” However, beyond this popular conception, the effectiveness of teams is rarely rigorously analyz so that marketing works well.

Marketing Professionals Strive to

So we ask ourselves: What characteristics should a marketing team have for it to work and achieve objectives? Six basic characteristics to achieve the successful functioning of marketing teams Mutual trust and respect between worker and business database manager My father once told me, “What wonderful synchronicity that occurs with the birth of a baby!” The baby is born and the mother is ready to breastfe, everything is in its place, something equivalent to trust. The baby is born and has confidence that it will be f. This condition of trust is natural and prispos in all living beings.

Attract Customers Maintain

This relationship also characterizes successful organizations: there is trust and respect between clients and the company, and this bond must also exist between worker and manager, both trusting to achieve their individual interests bas on the common interest. Commitment to your collaborators Teams must have close GMX Email List and permanent communication where there is, above all, commitment. As Richard Branson , founder of Virgin Group, has said , “you can’t have a good team with bad people, find the right people and nothing can go wrong.” If we look at the best in our employees, they will flourish, if we criticize them they will wither.

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