How to Create a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy is a plan for creating and distributing content to attract your target audience and influence their buying decisions. It answers questions like who you’ll create content for, what type of content you’ll create, and where you’ll distribute it. For example, say you’re creating a content marketing strategy for a shipping company: Your who might be college students (as they need to move stuff to their dorm). How to Create Your what might be useful blog posts, like the ultimate college packing list. Your where might be organic search (i.e., ranking in Google).

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Experiencing content marketing success said they had a documented strategy. Only 19% of those not experiencing success had one. Having a documented content executive data strategy also: Helps content creators stay focused – If you want writers to create content that aligns with your strategy, they need to know what your strategy is. Makes it easier to onboard new content creators – Hired a new writer? Just send them your content strategy for instant onboarding. Saves you from creating pointless content – Every piece of content should contribute something to your business. You’re just wasting time, money, and effort if it doesn’t.

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Content marketing strategy People seem to massively overcomplicate this process. I read a few similar guides before putting this one together, and I couldn’t follow GMX Email List any of them. They made it feel like the most complicated thing ever that would take an entire marketing department six months to complete. So I’m going to keep things simple and show you how to do it by answering four questions. I’ve even created a template to help, which you can download below.Don’t get me wrong. These frameworks have their uses, but the high-level goal of content marketing is pretty simple: influence your audience’s buying decisions by showcasing how your product or service helps to solve their problems.

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