Tomography of the face or of the paranasal

Sinuses is a reference exam to detect infectious diseases that affect the respiratory tract. Its major indications are to confirm or rule out the suspicion of sinusitis and rhinitis. However, even tumors can be seen on the test. Like other types of CT scan, CT of the face provides detailed internal images of different tissues. For this, ionizing radiation is used for a few minutes. If you want to deepen your knowledge about this diagnostic support tool , continue reading this article. From now on, I detail its importance and routines to obtain the best images during face tomography. I also present technological instruments that optimize the delivery of medical reports, such as telemedicine software .

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About face tomography? Just follow the text until the end! Tomography of the face: what is it? Tomography of the face is an examination that uses X-ray beams to form a kind of internal photograph of the patient’s face. Because it is Albania Phone Numbers List simple, quick and painless, the test is often requested in the face of diagnostic hypotheses such as sinusitis. One of its advantages is its cost-effectiveness when compared to the other two facial imaging tests: X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Tomography presents considerable quality for internal images, allowing even the visualization of small fissures and congenital anomalies. All this at a price lower than that of an MRI of the face.

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Of course, MRI offers superior spatial resolution

Especially for the evaluation of benign or malignant tumors. However, CT is sufficient for most cases. Through the tomography or apparatus, images are generated with great sharpness , far superior to that of a common X-ray. This is because, in Gmxemail List tomography, the equipment has a tube that revolves around the studied area. Thus, instead of a single radiograph, the exam allows the capture of several sections , seen from different angles to form a more complete image. Another advantage is the possibility of simultaneously evaluating the bone architecture and soft tissues, verifying muscles, cavities or nasal cavities and the nasal septum. What is a tomography of the face used for? Basically, face tomography serves to analyze the internal anatomy of the area and detect abnormalities.

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