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Explained in a technical way, Holded is an ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) and a CRM ( Customer Relationship What is it Management ). At the same time, or what is the same: Holded is a this software program for managing invoices, finances, customer operations and human resources for your company. All from a single comfortable and intuitive place. The goal of Holded is to make the organization and management.

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Why the planner includes a section for contacts, sales, expense company data management , days off, team, inventory, projects, banks, accounting and analytics. Without a doubt, one of the best billing and accounting programs for SMEs. Once answered, you will be able to access the app. Without any type of restriction and you will also be told where to find usage information if you need help. When you click start, a series of windows will open that will provide you with initial help to get around with ease.

Within the tool this software

It is advisable to enter the information that you want the platform to manage , starting with your contacts: Mainly clients, employees What is it and suppliers, to start having a solid information base. You can add them by hand or import them from your device. Once the contacts have been added and the platforms have been integrated.

You can now use Holded to your liking, creating the inventory. Of products you need, invoices and managing your work team from the this software management and accounting programs App. Keep a record of client-company interactions GMX Email List (Phone calls, emails, social media interactions, etc.) Maintain a record of the products that each customer has consumed from the moment they made their first purchase.

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