The Shopee Decoration Feature Also Lets You Customize

Your store design serves as the forefront of your brand. Shopee gives you the option to redecorate your store via the Shopee Decoration feature.

This feature lets you choose which products you want to highlight at the bottom of your Shopee business profile. Therefore, you can increase awareness of the product of your choice based on your current priorities.

your shop to make it look more professional. Hence, providing awareness that you are an authorized brand or reseller.

The Shopee Live experience is the closest thing

a customer can get to actually negotiating for a product at their favorite store. With that being said, frequent Shopee Lives with the goal of selling direct and giving away giveaways greatly increases conversions.

Platforms Campaign
Reasonable customer behavior phone number list is to monitor campaigns initiated by Shopee such as 9.9, 11.11, 12.12. Therefore, when you are part of some of these campaigns, more and more prospects will find your store or brand attractive.

Seller Promotions
Seller promotions such as free shipping, discounts, vouchers and Flexi Combo can increase customer engagement and activity. This is because the more customers feel that they are saving money by buying from you over other Shopee stores, the more they will find the shopping experience enjoyable.

This is a feature you can use in the Marketing

phone number list

Center to issue vouchers to use to follow your shop. This gives customers the motivation to follow you and inevitably use the vouchers earned to buy their first purchase at your store.

Shopee Targeting Ads
Shopee targeting ads basically include your product in the Products You May Like section of the PDP of the item related to your product.

Because of this, targeting ads GMX Email engage customers by suggesting other products similar to their current interests.

3. Conversion
Free Shipping
Free Shipping is a promotion that triggers a payment request on Shopee. Customers will be encouraged to add to cart more items from your store as zero shipping costs will allow them to save more money on purchases.

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