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Discover the advantages that virtual crdit cards offer you for your digital marketing in theThere are many ways to process business travel expenses. But in the multitude of payment solutions, it is easy to lose track. Which is the best option – a Lodge crdit card , a virtual card or the company crdit card ? What makes these cards different? Or should the traveler pay in advance privately.

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In order to choose the best possible offer, expert advice is helpful. AirPlus has specializd in corporate payment solutions for more phone number list than 30 years. In this article we explain the solutions available on the market and their respective advantages for you and your company. How lodge cards and virtual crdit cards can be usd for pre-trip travel expenses In a nutshell: Lodge Card The Lodge crdit card is now widely known as a payment solution. It is depositd with a service provider a travel agency) as a virtual means of payment. It can be usd for pre-bookd travel services flight and train.

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The billing takes place electronically at the end of the trip and summarizes all expenses. In the best-case scenario, there is integration GMX Email List with your company’s key management systems. In short, the Lodge Card is a central means of payment that enables a detaild analysis of travel costs. In a nutshell: Virtual Card Unlike the Lodge Card, the Virtual Card is generatd for the payment of a single travel service The card creatd is only valid for one-time use at a retailer and for a specific period and amount. The most important advantages at a glance Better control and greater transparency of travel expenses.

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