Teleassistance is an area of ​​that is

Already gaining more and more followers around the world. However, its membership was accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Its purpose is to guarantee assistance or continuous monitoring for elderly patients, with chronic pathologies or in other conditions that require comprehensive health care. More than providing proper follow-up or immediate interventions for special cases, the benefits guaranteed in the area contribute especially to and to the reduction in queues or hospitalizations. It is no exaggeration to say that teleassistance is among the fastest growing medical trends on the planet. In this sense, it is essential to know its main characteristics, impacts, benefits and recommendations.

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With some of the most important information on the subject! What is teleassistance and what is its importance for the Health area? Invented in the United States, teleassistance emerged in the 1980s in order to relieve the burden of care Belgium Mobile Number List provided in hospitals and to guarantee the safety and autonomy of the elderly at home. In Brazil, the modality began to be used in the 2000s, and was mainly driven by the increase in life expectancy of the population and the growing number of elderly people living alone, in a more autonomous and active way. Telecare can be described as a type of distance care, in which patients are monitored remotely by a health professional, who in turn also has the support of other remote specialists.

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Its main objective is to pay due attention

To individuals who have suffered an emergency, or who nee  immediate assistance in cases of worsening symptoms. Doubts about health conditions. Among other similar situations. However it is worth noting that when assistance is Gmxemail List neede it is not provide by the teleassistance service itself. In these situations. He only provides initial guidance and performs referral procedures to enable patient care. Whether face-to-face or via teleconsultation. As much as it was initially designe for the assistance of elderly. People who live alone or who nee continuous monitoring. The modality is currently use in a number of other situations.

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