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Following lines, I explain how the traditional scheduling dynamic works, what are the differences from online scheduling and how to benefit from consultations via telemedicine . Shall we go ahead? What is appointment booking? Appointment scheduling is an operation that selects a time from the medical schedule to see a patient. Generally, this task is requested by the client, but it is the responsibility of receptionists and secretaries. Or even the doctor himself, in the case of small clinics and offices. Although there are still professionals who prefer to book appointments on paper diaries, there are technologies that simplify this routine .

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Modules or medical marketplaces , where physicians and other health professionals make their appointments available and allow patients to make appointments themselves . This gives agility, convenience and practicality to the Bahrain Mobile Number List whole process, as shown in the next topics. How to make an appointment? The way to make an appointment starts when you go to the health facility , where the reception staff inform you about the professionals and available times. As soon as the patient chooses the most convenient time, they set aside a period for the medical consultation , defined according to the specialty, day and type of care.

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Tends to last longer, as the doctor extends the anamnesis (structured interview) to learn about the patient’s history and habits . Return appointments tend to be brief. There is also the possibility of making an appointment by telephone , calling a central office or directly to the clinic, office or hospital. Despite being more convenient as it Gmxemail List eliminates the need to travel to the health unit, this modality may require queues and the need for the client to inform the attendants more than once, until their appointment is scheduled. Booking an appointment over the internet speeds up this process, as it does not require a collaborator to make the appointment.

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