When it comes to hiring a partner to develop your company’s marketing, it is very common for doubts to arise: is it better to look for different specialized agencies or a single full service agency? There are those who prefer to have one for each type of activity — for example, one for creating the website , another for buying paid media and a third for gifting . But in addition to increasing your expenses, this makes it difficult to efficiently manage services and, above all, to align the message you want to convey, both online and offline. And you certainly don’t want to take those losses home.

In this post, we will explain what a full

Service agency is and what are the benefits of hiring one. Let’s go? What is a full service agency? Unlike a specialized agency, a full service agency has the expertise and team Paper Products Manufacturers Email List to plan, implement and measure the results of online and offline campaigns in a broad and integrated way. This is what we call a 360° agency, that is, one that focuses on all aspects of a marketing strategy. Simple, isn’t it? A curiosity: did you know that only 9.7% of the agencies in the market are 360°? The data is from the 2018 Digital Agencies Panorama , which involved 1,042 participants, with 92.3% of them stating that they provide digital marketing services — a considerable number! Within this group, 40% consider themselves a digital marketing agency, 12.

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A communication agency, 11.3% an Inbound Marketing

Agency and 8.1% an Advertising and Propaganda agency. What are the differences from other agencies? The main difference between a full service agency and the others is the portfolio GMX Email List of marketing actions it offers. This type of company operates on different fronts, such as publicity, media planning , structuring of online and offline actions , etc. In addition, you can integrate them, managing a step-by-step process. On the other hand, it is common for most agencies to focus only on some stages of a campaign. For example, an Inbound Marketing agency is obviously focused on Inbound actions, so they are not even close to outbound approaches. The same goes for a digital marketing agency, which usually does not work with physical advertising.

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