Failure To Provide Personal Response To All Inquiries

During flash sales, product demand and demand will increase.

Setting up auto-replies is great for answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) and for letting customers know that you’ll be in touch with them soon. However, it doesn’t help you get to the heart of the customer’s problem. It doesn’t help you solve their problem.

Lack of personal response to customer inquiries leads to irate buyers and can cost you some profits or worse you can lose a loyal customer simply because you can’t accommodate his or her concerns.

For example, suppose a buyer has ordered an item and then decides to message you for follow-up questions about shipping. If a customer is unable to receive a reply from you within a maximum of a day, the excitement that a flash sale brings can be replaced by disappointment and a lack of interest which may result in an order being cancelled.

 Ignoring Product Listing Basics

Let’s say you and a competitor sell cosmetics. Your competitors may optimize their product listings but yours hasn’t been sprinkled with the right keywords, your main image isn’t great, and you can’t identify product benefits in the product description section, your product will score a lower chance of conversion rate vs competitors’ products .

In a flash sales promotion, there are database usually separate modules and sets of algorithms in play. However, consumer behavior remains the same.

Even if the price is cheap, if you don’t have an attractive main image, customers won’t be interested in buying.

If your product listings haven’t been sprinkled with the right keywords, customers won’t feel any connection to your PDP.

If you fill product descriptions with specs/features instead of actual benefits, the value of what you’re selling won’t jump right into the minds of your customers and will reduce your chances of conversion.

5 best practices for running a successful flash sale


Here are some of our best practices for running a successful flash sale:

1. You Must Have Perfect Time
When deciding what time to run your flash sale, it’s a good idea to ask these two questions:

On what days do your customers GMX Email List usually make purchases?
What time do customers usually buy from your shop?
We have the following recommendations regarding flash sale times:

The Quick Sales Intro Guide For Online Brands & Sellers

If you are a Shopee seller, simply visit the Shopee Seller Center and click Business Insights.

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