In mental health denial and brushing our problems under the carpet. Then we run the risk of developing more issues later on in life. Of course, there are some mental health issues that cannot be “cur”, but there are ways of making life easier for that person by using certain coping mechanisms in daily life. My brother who has Autism and ADHD manages with lots of support, and rightly so. Our vulnerable ne as much guidance, support and encouragement as possible. Self-help and help from lov ones Personally, I have heavily reli on self-help and help from my mum who has been my personal counsellor in life.

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I have no idea what I would do database without her. I know I am really lucky to have her love, support and guidance. Sadly, so many are less fortunate and ne to rely on communities and the public sector. We can still be the change, combat mental health denial, and make a positive impact on others by: Judging less Being more accepting Listening more Being kinder to ourselves and others Living in the here and now Evaluating our values Practising gratitude Offering help and Practising mindfulness.


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It’s all too easy to fall into a negative mind trap GMX Email and feel like we can’t make a difference to someone’s day. But we can. Light and love Kat x If you found this article useful, please feel free to sign up to my email list. Don’t worry, you won’t get any spam, I wouldn’t want to do that to you. And if you did feel like it was getting too much, you could always unsubscribe – either way, it’s free. Reproduc with permission, originally post here UNIT STATES UNIT KINGDOM in UK Book Store: Iam in Mental Health Daily Tracker and Journal Available Share this.