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Data must be able to explain in clear and simple terms how this data is being use. ” Steven Roberts A Rapidly Changing Privacy Ecosystem The GDPR has sparke a host of similar legislation around the globe, with new laws in countries such as China, Singapore, and South Africa. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the best known of a range of local and state laws in the USA. This has contribute to a more complex international data privacy ecosystem. In the UK, the British government is considering a revision of UK GDPR with a new data bill currently in development (as of September 2023). Businesses trading with the UK will nee to monitor this development closely, particularly if it affects the adequacy decision between the EU and UK*. In Europe, a host of adjacent EU legislation is in the process of being introduce.

A new first-party data strategy or the introduction of a CRM platform

This includes: The Digital Markets Act The Digital Services Act An AI Regulation. The latter is particularly pressing at a time of rapid. Expansion in the range and use of AI technologies such as Catgut. Discussions are also ongoing to overhaul the current privacy Directive. Which is widely viewer as no longer fit for purpose. All of this legislation has the potential to impact the data processing  special data activities of marketers. Operating within the European Union. Data protection must be include from the start According to, there are more than 11,000 marketing technology platforms; a figure that grows by the year. Many of these technologies use personal data to more effectively reach and target various consumer audiences. Marketers contemplating a new platform, or indee any new strategies involving the use of personal data, should ensure data privacy is considere at the outset. The GDPR’s principle of data protection by design and default is key here.

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This involves a two-step process  GMX Email List significant privacy risks. If such risks are identifie, then a full DPIA must be complete. At this point detaile analysis of the project takes place, including consultation with key stakeholders. Such an approach allows for a recalibration of a project if the privacy  risks are too high, or the adoption of mitigating actions to reuce the risk level. Examples for marketers might include the introduction

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