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There is nothing new about the importance that digital technologies have on optimizing the management and quality of services in clinics and hospitals. In fact, if a few years ago digitalization was seen as one of the main trends in the medical segment, today we have it as a basic requirement for any professional and company in the area. To give you an idea, according to the ICT Health study , about of health establishments already use some type of electronic system to control patient data. But after all, what exactly is the electronic patient record and why is its implementation so important? Aware of the relevance of the topic for health professionals, I prepared this article with complete information about the tool, its benefits, possibilities and applications.

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At the end of the text, learn about the most advantageous option to start modernizing your services right now. What is an electronic patient record (EHR)? As I mentioned above, electronic medical records are currently among the Azerbaijan Mobile Number List most important resources for clinics, hospitals and other healthcare institutions. In short, it is a technology that has been consolidated in recent years and continues to expand in the market, providing benefits for both doctors and patients. Known by the acronym PEP, the electronic patient record allows you to record, store and control all the information of the people assisted. Therefore, in a single system. All data is integrated and can be easily accesse. Such as: clinical records.

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Reducing errors optimizing resources streamlining services and increasing security. The signature of the electronic medical record occurs digitally . Which guarantees all the legal compliance of paper documents But without compromising Gmxemail List their integration. From the same point of view, new information can be include in each procedure. So that the intervention fronts remain integrate Use of paper versus electronic patient records. Since the PEP has the same legal validity as paper records. Thanks to the signature via digital certificate. Its application can be the same as that of “traditional” documents. The big difference is in the level of optimization, security and practicality that the tool provides.

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