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his is a trend that should not be ignored. After all, adapting to it can be decisive for exploring new possibilities in your career and prospering in the health market. For you to have an idea, 70% of Brazilian assistance institutions already provide remote assistance, according to a study published on the CIO portal . Of the establishments that adopted the modality during the pandemic, 65% intend to maintain it after its definitive regulation, which is expected at the end of the current health crisis. Telemedicine adherence for physicians is growing. In addition, the perception of its benefits is practically unanimous among those who have already used it.

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Possibilities challenges and particularities of the area? Follow this article and explore the most important points on the subject. What does the doctor do in Telemedicine? The doctor’s role in Telemedicine is the same as in any Armenia Mobile Number List modality of face-to-face care. Its function is to provide the best assistance possible, within the activities foreseen in its specialty. That is, the professional must observe all the parameters inherent to “traditional” consultations. As I explain later, this must also be done with attention to the adaptations required by remote medicine In all cases, humanized care, respect for secrecy, clarity in communication and actions focused on the health, well-being and safety of the patient are essential.

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Contact between the public and the doctor occurs in Telemedicine . After all, it is not necessary to share the same geographic space to carry out queries. The term “tele” refers to distance. Therefore, Telemedicine involves all medical Gmxemail List activities done remotely.  the doctor in Telemedicine is the one who eliminates barriers, ensuring more quality care even for people who are far away, unable to attend the office or even in areas without access to good specialists. Therefore, its adhesion can encompass a series of possibilities, ranging from offering more accessible services, to ensuring more practicality for the public, the second medical opinion.

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