Geographic mobility due to economic motivation Professional reinvention

I understand the change caused by situations or experiences with great life influence. Such as a layoff, a separation from a partner. A serious illness or a transfer of habitual residence. We could say that these types Professional reinvention of reinventions are caused by inevitability. Sometimes the only way to leave a war, which we have become accustomed to living in, is to lose it. A 56-year-old person who stops working in the professional sector where he has spent his entire work history does not decide to reinvent himself, it is life that forces him to do so. Most people do not change when others recommend change, they only do so when life forces them to.

Professional reinvention due to geographic mobility

This phrase by Jim Rohn, like any other ingenious executive email list idea that drives personal initiative. Widely shared on social networks. And the theory is overwhelming but in practice humans are also like trees. We put down many roots and settle into the right climates. The probability and suitability of moving one’s habitual residence in search of new professional worlds depends on many nuances. In the Labor Mobility study by Adecco and Infoempleo (August 2012), 60% of Spaniards declared that they would ‘go’ abroad to look for work. But obviously very few of them did. What then depends on the fact that only a few professionals “mobilize” even though many more are ‘willing’ to do so in theory?

Geographic mobility due to economic

Some people need or want more income GMX Email List than they get and have the expectation or security of getting it in other destinations. Other professionals, however, have fallen into the “trap of precariousness” , they have sufficient or minimal resources to continue working and they are content with that situation, in part because they can enjoy other compensations, such as being able to live and enjoy life. family and the usual environment and avoid having to make great efforts or face new challenges.

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