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However, it is worth highlighting that the ideal is for you to know all the marketing metrics and choose the one that best suits your type of business. How do you know if a Digital Marketing strategy is not working? Unfortunately, few companies pay attention to the results of Digital Marketing . The truth is that, deep down, few know how to identify whether the company is really making a profit or not. Let’s look at some scenarios: if today your company spends R$2,000.00 on marketing and acquir four new customers, each customer cost your business R$500.

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These customers will only start to make profits for your company if they consume an amount greater than their cost (R$501.00 onwards). At this point, you ne to think about your average ticket: if your average ticket is less than R$500.00, your customer will only start to make real profits for your company with repeat purchases; if your average ticket is R$500.00, the customer will only be new data paying the acquisition cost. This way, the profit will only come from the second purchase; and, of course, if your average ticket is higher than R$500.

Responsible for evaluating the expenses

The customer will already be able to make real profits for your business. Now that we understand the relationship between profit, average ticket and repeat purchase, it’s time to think about Digital Marketing strategies . Marketing comes to help companies resolve these three very important pillars to ensure business profitability . If your strategy is not managing to optimize any of these points, it may be experiencing a bottleneck. So, how to identify signs that your marketing strategy is falling short? Check out some main points: low number of visits to the website; low conversion rate; unqualifi leads; few GMX Email List  opportunities to be work; sales below expectations; non-loyalty customers; customers do not engage; drop in sales; the goal is getting further away every day.

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