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Types of medical records ? Technology has provided significant advances in the field of health. Increasingly, new features significantly optimize fulfillment services. For professionals, it is essential to understand all the possibilities offered by these tools. After all, they have become a fundamental part of the entire care chain. In this sense, adhering to the right systems means keeping in line with the advances in the sector and also always guaranteeing the best for your patients. If you still don’t know how this applies to changes in the types of medical records , be sure to follow this article. Next, I explain what are the new features at your disposal, the advantages and disadvantages of each medical record model, which is the best choice for you and much more. Check out.

What are the types of medical records

As you certainly already know, the medical record brings together all the documentation about the history of a given patient. It contains all kinds of records. This includes test reports, prescriptions, certificates, prescriptions and Argentina Mobile Number List anything that is relevant to documenting the health of the person assisted. Precisely because it describes the individual’s past and helps understanding possible future measures, the medical record is among the most important instruments in the health chain. Because of this relevance, the medical record is also one of the medical tools that have most benefited from advances in technology. From this, currently two types of medical records are available to professionals.

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For healthcare professional records. Unlike computerized versions, you just write to it and store it in the physical environment of the unit. However, its simplicity can also generate some problems, such as difficulty in consulting information, susceptibility to damage and loss, longer use, poor readability, and so on. Electronic patient record The Gmxemail List electronic patient record, also known by the acronym PEP, is the digital version of the records. As its name implies, it fulfills the same purpose as the common medical record (including the same legal validity), but is optimized by computerization. That is, it adds a series of benefits that make it more practical. This ranges from the speed to consult your information, to the mobility of cloud storage and security against any type of loss, error or damage.

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