Throw the first stone who doesn’t like a good promotion! We spend months waiting for the long-awaited dates when prices drop and payment terms become more generous. For your company to take full advantage of this potential, it is essential to develop a promotional calendar. It will help determine what are the perfect times to create promotions and how everything should be planned. Are you curious to know how to get organized? Follow our post and check out our tips! Learn how to create a promotions calendar How to create a promotions calendar? It’s not news to anyone that throughout the year we have numerous dates and celebrations that drive trade.

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Plenty of dates that can be used for your business. Of course, everyone waits for promotions on major commemorative dates such as: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Furniture, Fixtures Manufacturers Email List Day, Children’s Day, Christmas and many others. But with 365 days at your disposal, there are many more dates to explore when it comes to promotion . But attention, not all of them can make sense for your acting niche. Depending on your target audience, dates such as: Teachers’ Day. Consumer Day, School Holidays, etc. these are good opportunities that are not always taken advantage of .But which have great potential.

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From the American calendar and are becoming increasingly popular in Brazil, such as Black Friday, or even create specific actions for periods of low demand. With the right actions GMX Email List and creativity, it is possible to increase revenue even in these times. Hands-on! It’s time to grab a calendar and research all the dates that are interesting for your business, only then will you be ready to act at the right time. To help you, we’ve separated 8 tips so you don’t forget any details. 1. Planning The first step is to define and analyze who the campaign will be aimed at, that is, to understand who your target audience will be . Once this is done, it is necessary to think about the concept of the action, how it will be publicized and what its purpose will be.

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